Please read ALL the instructions before completing the required forms.

***If you are unable to print and complete the required forms prior to your appointment, you must complete them at our office.  You will need to come in  early, 10-15 minutes per form.  If you do not come in early enough to complete the forms prior to your scheduled appointment time, we will need to reschedule your appointment, as the full 50 minutes of appointment time is needed to complete your intake.

PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM  You must read the Treasure Valley Psychological Services HIPAA document below prior to completing this form.


AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION FORM  Idaho Statute 16-2428(1) requires children 14 years and older complete and sign this form allowing/authorizing the provider to speak with the parent(s)/guardian(s) or other individuals, about patient care.  Adult patients or parents of children under 14 years old must sign this form before we can obtain/release information with any other individual.  Click here for instructions on how to complete this form.

PARENTAL CONSENT FORM  Required for any minor to receive treatment.